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Tax Scam alert from the IRS

August 22, 2018

Both individuals and business owners must be vigilant about recognizing all of the IRS scams that are floating around out there.  The IRS website has a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts with regards to communications from anyone claiming to be an IRS agent.  The link to the Tax Scams section is included below for your convenience.

In addition, business owners who use the EFTPS system for payment of tax liabilities must be aware that communication from a source claiming to be EFTPS and informing you of an upcoming tax payment to be drafted should not click on any links in an email to find out more information about the planned draft.  A call directly to EFTPS is required to ensure you will not become the victim of a phishing scam.   EFTPS can be reached by calling their customer service line at 1-800-555-4477.  Let’s stay safe out there!



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